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Tips for Choosing the Right MMA Training Gloves


For those who are familiar with Mixed Martial Arts training, you know that hands are heavily used. That is why in MMA training gear, one of the vital things is a pair of gloves. You may think that having, one good quality glove is enough, but nothing could be farther from the truth. There are different types of gloves that are used during training which means a martial artist may possess or use about half a dozen types of gloves during training. For those who may not know those gloves well, here are the kinds of gloves that mixed martial artists use.

During sparring with an opponent, sparring gloves used. Sparring is a way of you and your opponent perfecting your technique which means none of you should get hurt which is why the gloves that are used are heavily padded. The heavy padding is meant to protect your hands and your opponent so that any of the punches you give them do not injure them. The padding in sparring gloves and not just meant to protect you but to protect your opponent as well.

There are training gloves that are usually heavier than the ones used in the ring. These gloves are heavier so that your hands get used to administering punches fast even if there are weights. This training makes it possible for the martial artist to administer blows much faster in the right when the gloves are lighter. This makes it easy for the artist to win since the training would have prepared them for the fight, read about kickboxing gloves here!

Bag gloves that are worn during training with a bag need to have sufficient padding. The extra padding in the gloves will protect your hands from any injury that might occur because of the impact of your hand on the boxing bag, mitts, and the double end bag. If at all you choose gloves that had no padding it is a fact that you would suffer some injury to the hands because there would be no padding to protect your hands from the impact.

Last on our list is the fighting or pro gloves which are used in the ring during the fighting. There is a huge difference between these gloves and training gloves. Training gloves are heavy and padded while these gloves are compact and light. The lightness is to ease hand movement while the compactness is to hurt the opponent whenever you land a punch on them, learn more about muaythai shorts here!

These are some of the types of gloves you should know about.